From the recording Some Sweet Dream


Rolling through the hills of West Virginia
Thinking to myself what a fool I’ve been I
Flip down the visor on the setting sun
Not a bit wiser for the things I’ve done

Down the Appalachians into Tennessee
Trying to find a road back to sanity
Some two lane highway into some dark hollow
Choking on the pride that I couldn’t swallow,

I’m better as a memory
Nothing but the best of me
Forget about the bad times, remember the good times
A sweet little memory

I think of you at home, back in Arizona
Waking up to find that you’re all alone a
Hot desert sun in a clear blue sky
Drying any tears left in your eyes

We argued all the way from LA to Phoenix
Cryin’ til we both ran out of Kleenex
I feel so ashamed when I think of you
Sorry for the pain that I put you through

I’m better as a memory
Honey, just you wait and see
When you strip away the lies, you’ll find to your surprise
A sweet little memory

Broken down, dreaming of California
Wishing on a star I’d never been born, you
can drive a straight line across the whole damn nation
Flipping through your friends like they’re radio stations

I’m better as a memory
I think we both agree
You’ll find that while you're waiting
Your mind will be creating
A sweet little memory

I’m better as a memory
A picture of what used to be
And though I may regret it, time will come and edit
It’s true, I think I read it, or maybe someone said it,
A sweet little memory