Stevie Cornell performs up and down the West Coast with a duo, or a full band, depending on the size of the show. We're available for house parties (we love 'em!) and anywhere else folks like to listen to music. Okay, yeah, we can play loud in bars too... but we like places where people face forward, if you know what I mean... drop us a line if you're west of the Colorado River and we'll come and show you what we've got!

Lovely, interesting and beautifully written songs.  ” - Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

NoHo Arts District

Stevie Cornell is in some ways the perfect introduction to an artist, but it also feels like the crowning achievement from an artist who has created a work of art filled with everything he has learned along the way. ” - Cody Conard

Big Takeover

Stevie Cornell has it going on! His self-titled album features dreamy country textures, cashmere rhythms, and Stevie’s velvety voice.” - Randall Radic

short bio

Stevie Cornell is a singer songwriter from Santa Rosa who started his musical career with the Young Adults back in the vibrant East Bay punk scene of the late 70s. He then went on to co-found the popular SF proto Americana group The Movie Stars and retro country band Red Meat before taking a twenty year hiatus to raise a son in deepest Vermont. His songs are short, sharp and catchy, with hummable melodies and well turned lyrics. He just released his first solo album and will be featuring the tunes in his acoustic live show. He is accompanied by Alan Weiss on bass and harmony vocals.