I was your hero back in high school, now I'm captain of my bar stool... and I'm still the same old fool I used to be”

— A Tune That I Don't Know


Stevie is a songwriter whose roots go way back to the vibrant East Bay punk scene of the late 70s and a band called the Young Adults. He then did an about face and got involved in the beginnings of the Bay Area Americana scene with The Movie Stars, who ruled the club scene in the late 80s and early 90s, putting out two critically acclaimed indie albums before blowing up. From the ashes of that band came the great retro country band Red Meat, who are still a very popular SF draw. Stevie, however, left the group and moved to LA to study film scoring and arranging, which led to a self recorded album called "Pidginhole".  He then moved back to Vermont to raise a kid in the country, and taught guitar to Vermont kids, including a young Noah Kahan. Back in California, he now lives in the North Bay. His music is very eclectic, reflecting all of the twists and turns of his long musical journey, but underlying everything is a pretty classical 60s pop vibe. He plays mostly solo shows now, balancing his often sad songs with a gentle witty stage presence and remarkable ability on the guitar.