From the recording A Tune That I Don't Know


A Tune That I Don’t Know

Well now you’re calling from the blue sky
Just when I’d finally learned to get by
You said it’d taken all this time just to track me down

Still I don’t know why you would call me
It’s not like I got any money
And you’ve never done a damn thing ‘cause you cared

It’s strange to hear your voice now in my ears
You’ve been inside my head for all these years

I was your hero back in high school
Now I’m captain of this barstool
All along I’m still the same fool I used to be

Well I ain’t worked now in a long time
I seem to lose it at the wrong time
And my bosses, man they bring out the worst in me

I tried to lock away your memory
Now you’re at my door without a key

There’s a highway going both ways
I look up and down it most days
But I know I’ll never leave this town behind

I’m shooting bottles in the graveyard
And the wind is blowing wayward
But I’ll keep pulling when it’s gone too dark see

A song is playing on some radio
A stranger sings a tune that I don’t know