Feet First now available 

Here's my latest single, "Feet First". The title pretty much sums up the song, which actually started with a quote from my dad about how he did not plan to move out of his house. He morphed into the little old lady in verse four and the rest of the song just kind of grew around that, and includes some fairly unsavory characters, plus yours truly in the last verse...

Thanks so much for checking my music; Feet First is kind of a lurch from the gentle melancholy of the first two tunes, that's just the way they came out. There's been a bit of a traffic jam of tunes on the launchpad, so I'm going to be releasing them as close as I can to every two weeks or so and they are all over the map stylistically, so as they say about New England " If you don't like the weather, wait a day..."

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